ImmoFinRe Group has defined a specific procedure to ensure that any potential complaint is resolved quickly and satisfactorily for the clients. It foresees the following steps:

  • Every complaint has to be in written form to make sure that all the necessary information is brought to the attention of the company and allows the procedure to be carried out effectively.
  • An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the client within 10 working days, specifying the estimated duration of the processing of his complaint.
  • ImmoFinRe Group undertakes to evaluate all complaints in accordance with the principle of fairness and will formulate its response as soon as its investigations have been completed. Its response will be provided within one month from the date of the complaint.

Every complaint will be examined and treated independently by the Compliance Officer, with professionalism and competence.

ImmoFinRe Group encourages its customers to communicate their complaints, questions and concerns to the Compliance Officer:

  • by email to
  • or by post writing to: Building "Olympia" - 9, Route des 3 Cantons - L-8399 Windhof

In the event of a response beyond one month or unsatisfactory answer, the client may submit the request to the CSSF. Referring to the CSSF can also be made at client’s discretion without first making a complaint to ImmoFinRe Group. The steps to be taken can be found on the website: