Global Indirect Real Estate Investments

ImmoFinRE is a Multi-Manager Investment Platform created in 2007 that invests capital in attractive real estate strategies across developed markets in North America, Europe and Asia. We target high value-added strategies with expert local teams in a very diversified manner aiming at providing superior risk-adjusted returns to investors. As entrepreneurs, we invest significant capital alongside our clients' with resilience as key mantra, while allowing us to capture significantly higher returns than investing in core assets. Investing through a multi-managers approach is in our view the most efficient way to diversify one's capital globally into private equity real estate with a dedicated risk-controlled approach.

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ImmoFinRE at a glance


With 150+ years of cumulative real estate experience, our vision is to provide investors exposure to widely diversified portfolios of real estate strategies, targetting high returns on a risk-adjusted basis.


Our mission is to travel the developed world across four continents with a view to finding best-in-class value-add real estate managers, expert in their field, capable of delivering substantial returns while managing local risks.


We believe that reaching a wide level of diversification in high return strategies, on a risk-adjusted basis, is essential to obtain long term capital growth. This is why we structure our investments indirectly throughout the developed world, granting access to multiple geographies and real estate strategies.


Since inception in 2007, ImmoFinRE has raised 4 funds granting shareholders exposure to over 600 real estate projects around the world, managed by c. 60 local professional teams, in all major real estate segments such as residential, office, logistics, retail, student housing, senior housing, land improvement etc.

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