Since 2007, ImmoFinRE has succesfully allocated the capital of institutional investors and family offices across the globe, finding expert local teams in their fields, able to generate superior risk-adjusted returns.


Mission - Presentation

Like us, our investors want to understand what they are investing in, and to have a personal relationship with the custodians of their investment capital.  ImmoFinRE has refined its strategy and international coverage over the last decade, to invest with managers with integrity, in markets with transparency, in strategies with focus.

We offer our clients a resilient portfolio strategy, diversified across markets and geographies, and aim to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns.  Our promise is to undertake this mission with a thoroughly researched and implementable strategy, with integrity and passion.  The ImmoFinRE team has long proven experience and a deep network within the international real estate market.


Approach - Presentation

Our approach requires a trade off in terms of direct control of assets, and the concentration of resources this requires, relative to the international diversification our indirect approach can deliver.  We believe that on balance ImmoFinRE offers investors an alternative international investment in real estate.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to co-invest in the many opportunities we source.  In this way our clients can often orient their portfolio towards managers, markets or sectors they feel an affinity towards.

Like all investment markets, capital and economic cycles have a major influence on the direction of the real estate market and it would be wrong to pretend otherwise.  Our approach is to build resilience in our portfolios through investing, where possible, in defensive sectors of the market, in markets with low correlation, and with a prudent approach to financial leverage and development exposure.

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