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Gregory Winssinger

Gregory has been active in business real estate since 1997. He started at DTZ where he gained significant experience in the "Research" and "Valuation" Departments before going on to specialize in investment consulting with institutional investors, in particular, acquisitions and disposals of real estate assets or companies, portfolio restructuring and securitisation. In May 2010 he joined as director Vizzion-Europe SA, an international real estate developer specialised in high end residential, mixed use projects and luxury resorts. From 2012 onwards, Gregory has been fully dedicated to the ImmofinRe investment vehicles. He has been Manager of ImmoFin S.à.r.l., the general partner of ImmoFin S.C.A. SICAR the first ImmoFinRE fund, since its inception in May 2007 and member of the board of directors of ImmoFinRe II S.A., the general manager of ImmoFinRe II S.C.A. SICAV – FIS since its inception in June 2010.